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Between the towering redwoods and the sprawling beaches, Santa Cruz shines with quintessential California living. This vibrant town has casual bohemian vibes and waterfront homes. The streets of downtown buzz with trendy shops and boutiques. Let’s take a flavorful voyage through the six best restaurants in Santa Cruz, CA, where each meal celebrates the town’s eclectic and vibrant spirit.


2218 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz

At The Crow’s Nest, patrons are treated to an exceptional dining experience. This esteemed restaurant, renowned for its award-winning American cuisine, offers a menu that is as inviting as the panoramic views it provides. Guests can enjoy the sights of the Santa Cruz Harbor, the bustling Wharf, and the picturesque lighthouse, all from the restaurant’s expansive shoreline decks, available on both levels.

The ambiance inside is equally captivating. The decor thoughtfully combines elegant glass art, an array of vintage photographs, and the warm tones of rich woods, creating an environment that is sophisticated and welcoming. The lineup of live entertainment infuses the air with vibrant energy as you watch the sunset over the Pacific.


121 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz

Oswald Restaurant serves upscale California comfort food. The menu shines with house-made lasagna, a rich and savory layering. The homemade macaroni and cheese is a creamy blend of cheeses that envelops each macaroni with a velvety hug. The braised oxtail is served with garlic bread crumbs, adding a delightful crunch to the tender, flavor-packed meat. The craft cocktails are innovative and reflective of the region’s vibrant spirit.

The restaurant also serves as a gallery of sorts, featuring rotating art exhibits by local artists. This initiative enhances the dining atmosphere, providing guests with a visually stimulating experience that complements the culinary excellence. Through its food, drinks, and ambiance, Oswald Restaurant captures the essence of Santa Cruz’s dynamic and artistic culture.


538 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz

La Posta embodies the warmth and inviting nature of a true Italian kitchen. This establishment prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients through partnerships with local farmers. Such collaborations ensure that each dish tastes fresh and supports the community’s agricultural backbone.

The menu at La Posta is a testament to Italian culinary tradition, featuring dishes like cannelloni filled with succulently braised pork and the unexpected sweetness of black currants, offering a delightful contrast of flavors. Their ravioli, stuffed with tender short ribs, becomes a comforting embrace in a dish, while the pizza, topped with house-made sausage, showcases the kitchen’s commitment to homemade excellence. Perhaps the most symbolic of La Posta’s dedication to authenticity is their sourdough bread, lovingly crafted from a 30-year-old starter.

Live music animates Wednesday nights at La Posta. This weekly event transforms the restaurant into a lively hub of food, music, and community, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Santa Cruz itself.


155 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz

Alderwood Santa Cruz serves wood-fired cuisine that carries a subtle nod to French culinary traditions. The restaurant’s seasonal menu adapts to the bounty of each season, ensuring that guests are offered dishes made with the freshest ingredients available.

A highlight is the smoked prime rib, exclusively available on Sunday nights. This dish, known for its rich flavor and tender texture, is a testament to the restaurant’s mastery over wood-fired cooking techniques. On Wednesdays, the culinary adventure continues with a three-course prix fixe menu designed to showcase the chef’s creativity and the versatility of seasonal produce.

The presentation of each course at Alderwood is a visual feast, reflecting the care and attention to detail that goes into every dish. From the precise arrangement of ingredients to the harmonious balance of colors and textures, the presentations are as beautiful as they are delicious.


25 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Woodies Café offers a relaxed and family-friendly dining environment with its vibrant Blue Hawaiian theme. The café’s bright and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to unwind and savor the scenic views of the Wharf.

The menu features classic fish and chips, boasting perfectly battered and fried fish and crispy golden fries. For those seeking comfort in a bowl, the clam chowder served in a hearty bread bowl offers a warm embrace with every spoonful. Not to be missed are the ice cream shakes, a sweet nod to traditional beachside treats that complement the seaside dining experience with nostalgia.

Across the bay, Woodies Café’s sister restaurant, Dolphin Restaurant, complements the dining landscape by serving breakfast emphasizing generosity and quality. Their large omelets, stuffed with an array of fresh ingredients, promise a fulfilling start to the day, showcasing the same commitment to freshness and flavor. Together, Woodies Café and Dolphin Restaurant encapsulate the spirit of Santa Cruz dining: casual, inviting, and always delicious.


101 Cooper St, Santa Cruz

Laili Restaurant brings Mediterranean and Afghan cuisine to Santa Cruz, offering an array of dishes that are as flavorful as they are diverse. Laili’s menu specializes in traditional recipes with a modern twist. It features standout items such as succulent kabobs, pomegranate eggplant that balances sweet and savory notes, and braised lamb pasta that melds tenderness with rich, hearty flavors. Another favorite, the pear and gorgonzola flatbread, offers a delightful contrast of sweet pear against the sharpness of gorgonzola.

One of Laili’s most enchanting features is its beautifully landscaped patio. This secluded outdoor space provides a tranquil oasis in the city, where guests can dine under the open sky, surrounded by lush greenery. The patio’s ambiance is perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful meal in an elegant yet relaxed setting.


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